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RGP Radojicic

RGP Radojicic is a private company that deals with designing and manufacturing tools and machines for processing sheet metal by plastic deformation (shaping, cutting, bending, deep drawing). It was founded in 1990 as a family company.
We build machines using our own designs which are a mixture of experience and modern technology in the field of cold sheet metal deformation.
Company’s field of work is designing and manufacturing tools and machines for making sheet metal shapes used in civil engineering, agriculture, automobile industry. We also design and manufacture lines for producing shapes of different types and uses, according to our buyer’s wishes.
Bearing in mind high market requirements, RGP pays special attention to the quality of its products, which are made in accordance with contemporary standards in the fields of environmental protection and occupational safety and health.


Pan Komerc- Pozega,
BOS Company- Krusevac,
Limplex- Kragujevac,
Trsa limar- Smederevo,
Tricom- Batajnica,
Tehnomontaza- Beograd,
Pobeda- Paracin,
Prodanović d.o.o - Šabac,
NTP Nalbani- Prizren,
Metalurgija- Urosevac,
GP Metal- Pristina,
MBA Usora- Doboj,
Ortoplast- Banja Luka,
Ptinopouli- Thessalonica, Greece,
YU-GRE Company- Kria Vrisi, Greece.
Fer-prom – Požarevac
Lović & Co – Lukavac
ALUSH-LIM Tetovo, Makedonija
SOLID - Priština


About us

design and manufacture of tools
and machines for plates
Stanimira Ralovića 48, 32300 Gornji Milanovac
tel/fax: +381 32 700 181
mob +381 64 172 46 92,
+381 63 122 50 00, +381 65 448 08 44
e-mail: rgp_doo@yahoo.com; office@rgp.rs